Other Services

Audio transcription and translation

We can translate audio files or deliver same-language transcripts. This service is generally used when a written record or translation into other languages is required of a conversation, the recording of a meeting or event, etc.


Localisation is essential for expansion into other countries and cultures. It involves translation with cultural adaptation, taking into account the differences that exist among markets. We will adapt your written material or websites to the language and idiosyncratic features of the market, region or country you wish to target. This enables the improved reception of the message you wish to transmit, as it will be adapted to the local audience.

Text revision (correction) and editing

Our editors improve document style from the perspective of syntax and semantics so that your ideas are communicated in a quality and accurate manner.
Our revision team pays great attention to detail, detecting errors in grammar, orthography and language as well as formatting inconsistencies.


ESubtitling allows the internationalisation of a product, whether it be company, website, or film or television material. Using subtitling, you can reach a much greater number of people in different markets. We have a specialised team in translation into multiple languages of audio visual material including commercial, educational and corporate videos, documentaries, advertisements, films and series.
When our clients require it, we can also include, as part of the subtitling, descriptions of sound effects and onomatopoeias for people with hearing impairments.

Post-editing machine translation (PEMT)

Although we always recommend human translation, this service is used in large volume projects with short delivery deadlines. It involves the revision of a translation completed by automated translation software, to achieve a final product that looks natural and has the quality of a translation completed by a professional.


This service allows the engagement of a rapporteur or note taker so that, once the event, meeting, symposium or conference is finalised, you have access to a report that accurately records the matters dealt with, in one or multiple languages. The role of rapporteur is a significant one, as the report produced will often be the tool that allows successful follow up of what was agreed.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Electronic publishing and editing are extremely useful for documents that include non-editable images. Our team can recreate these images to allow translation.
Furthermore, different languages require different lengths (for example, when translating from English into Spanish the result is around 20% longer), some are written from left to right (like Spanish and English), while others are written from right to left (like Arabic) or use characters (like Chinese). This presents challenges when we attempt to replicate the formatting of a document in different languages, and this is where DTP experts play a key role.
Through this service, we offer you high quality printable results in different formats.